AV Racks Launch CoolRack Cooling Solutions

AV Racks are pleased to announce the release of our CoolRack cooling solutions. A unique solution to a common problem of heat and energy management within an audio visual rack.

The cooling systems have a highly programmable temperature controller, the installer can program the controller to operate when the temperature reaches a set level, the energy efficient option ensures that the connected fans are only operating when required, as soon as the temperature drops below the programmed range then the fans will automatically switch off.

The temperature control unit also has an intelligent tolerance controller which stops the fans from switching on and off constantly.

The CoolRack range incorporates several DC fan options to efficiently control the airflow within a rack environment coupled to a temperature control unit (TCU).

This TCU allows you to set the temperature so when the rack or any component to which the thermostat is attached to, reaches the set temperature it automatically triggers the fans to switch on.