What is a ‘U’ measurement?

Measurement of height – 1U = 44.45mm or 1 ¾” (Size of the rack in ‘U’ is internal height).


Are the racks a standard width?

All the racks conform to a standard width measurement of 19” or 483mm (This allows the fitting of Amps/DVD’s etc with rack mounting holes). The fixed shelves themselves measure 465mm wide by 570mm deep..


What is max-width between racking uprights?



Why do I need to use Racks?

On any installation where source components, controllers and amplifiers are centrally located there is a need to correctly house this equipment. An equipment rack is the professionals choice for doing this and our range of AV Racks have been specially designed with the AV market in mind. Our rack solutions allow easy management of the installation including cable termination, cable management and cooling of components. Products installed without attention to ease of access, heat control and power management will often fail in use and result in costly repairs and wasted time revisiting sites.


What are threaded profiles and why is this important?

AV Racks use threaded profiles on both the rack and the shelves. This means that the racks are pre-threaded to accept a fixing without the need for inserting rack nuts. The result is that the time taken to build a rack is reduced and the fixings are more secure. Damage to installers fingers is also much reduced with the removal of the dreaded cage nut.


What are the different shelf types used for?

The AV Racks fixed vented shelf: This can be used in most situations where the product does not fix directly to the rack with its own rack mounting fittings. The majority of AV components do not have their own fittings. The vents provide for heat dispersion. The AV Racks fixed vented shelf with cable management cut-outs: A similar shelf to the standard fixed vented shelf, this option has been designed with a special cutaway rear profile that allows cables to run inside the rack itself at the rear of the shelf. The AV Racks telescopic shelf: This vented shelf allows you to easily access equipment that has controls or functions located on the top or rear of the product. Equipment can be easily moved in and out of the rack without damage to the product or cabling.


I want a specific part that is not on the web site, what can I do?

If you have any requirement at all we will be happy to help. Please contact us direct (see contact us) and we in most cases we will be able to supply the part for you. If it’s a face-plate you require for a specific component then we will be happy to supply this to you.


How are the racks delivered?

The Rollarak product has been designed to be shipped as a flat-pack. The Profiles are supplied in various lengths in packing ‘tubes’ that are both economical to ship and offer superior protection. The base and top units, as well as the shelves, are all supplied in flat cartons. Classic Racks are delivered by a specialist carrier.


Where are the Racks made?

AV Racks are designed and manufactured within the UK.


What is the difference between an AV Rack and a standard data rack?

AV Racks are designed with the specific requirements of AV equipment and AV installations in mind. The shelving and frames are made from high gauge steel that is required for additional strength to support the weight of modern AV components. Cable management facilities have been designed with the requirements of an AV installation in mind and the threaded profiles and shelves simplify the set up of the rack. The ranges of cooling options and face-plates have also been specifically designed to optimise the environment and cosmetic finish of a rack used in a residential installation..


Why do we need a termination rack?

Wall-mounted termination racks provide the best solution for terminating all the cables that are run back to the central equipment location. Connecting wiring to the final fit equipment and changing equipment components in the rack then becomes a straight forward exercise. Very often, a property is wired with contingency and future-proofing in mind and has far more cable installed than may be needed initially at the rack end. A wall-mounted termination rack enables all of these cables to be terminated and connections made from the termination rack to the equipment rack as required.